Campaign For A Real Childhood

Across the world there are millions of children who live life without education, who suffer the pains of repression and war, who are forced into becoming child soldiers to fight someone else’s war.

I started this site, A Little View of the World, in 2012. This site has grown over the years, adding new authors, and it has become a place to engage in what is going on in the world. From conflict to development we have covered every sort of issue, but I wanted to take it to the next level and write about what I am passionate about – the need to give children a real childhood.

Therefore I set up Campaign For A Real Childhood. I wanted to talk about these issues and to implore my readers to engage. Please help me to campaign for the importance of youth education; the importance of protecting these children from religious, social and political persecution and the importance of building their futures economically.

In turn I want to support organisations and activists who, across the globe, are fighting for the rights of children; whether it be focused on ending the use of child soldiers or making young people’s voices heard in the democratic process.

If we blink and miss this opportunity to help the youth of today then we will ensure that another generation grows up in poverty, repression and deprivation. If you are committed, like I am, to helping these individuals then please read, engage, share and contribute.

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About Peter Banham

Peter earned his MA in Geopolitics, Territory & Security at Kings College London in 2015, following a BA in History and International Relations from Lancaster University. He has been the editor and a major contributor to A Little View of the World since 2012 where he has written on global affairs, international relations, development and world conflicts.